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Kasan Moor

A recent portrait commission for a die hard Kasan Moor/Olivia Hussey fan.

Kasan Moor, lead character of Nintendo 64 "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron" was voiced by Olivia Hussey best Known as Juliet in "Romeo & Juliet." I was asked to paint Moor with Olivia's Likeness.

Nostalgia. I remember renting Rogue Squadron at Block Buster and trying to beat it over the weekend.


My first time recording my full process and my crash course editing in Camtasia.

If your prone to seizures you might want to skip it. (I flip the canvas and zoom in and out a lot). Having said that, what you can get out of the video is a quick peak into my working method from thumbnails to reference sheets.

I plan on taking what I learned form making this video and will do more refined edits with dialogue in the future.

Thanks for watching!

Kassan Moor Rogue Squadron Fan Art